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Face Shields

The providers at Waterville Pediatrics follow the recommendations provided by the CDC regarding the use of face shields; specifically, it is not known if face shields provide the same benefit as masks to protect against the spread of illness and therefore, they are not generally recommended as a substitute for face masks. It is also unknown whether face shields provide the same degree of protection to the wearer as face masks. However, certain children face specific challenges in wearing face masks, and if a child is unable to tolerate a face mask, it is reasonable to consider the use of a face shield as an alternative. This is specified in the Maine Department of Education’s current guidelines.

In certain cases, for children with specific medical diagnoses, such as autism or severe developmental delay, we can provide letters of medical necessity for the use of face shields; in all other cases we feel that the decision to allow a face shield versus a face mask should be determined jointly by the child’s parent or caregiver in conjunction with the educational provider.

If a face shield is allowed, it should wrap around the sides of the child’s face and extend to below the chin. Disposable face shields should only be worn for a single use and reusable face shields should be cleaned after each use.

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Educational Resources

The AAP has created a parent friendly website called Healthy Children. This website has a wealth of information for children of all ages. Click either link above to be redirected to the site.

Link to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Link to

Is Your Child Sick?

The healthy children’s web site by AAP has the answers you are looking for. Click here to be directed to the “conditions” part of the site. Use the alphabet bar or search for your child’s complaint (ear pain, throat pain, cough, runny nose) and read the AAP recommendations for treatment and when to call your primary care physician.

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Apps for Families publishes a list of mobile apps for parents and families including KidsDoc, Car Seat Check, ADHD Tracker 1.0, Iron Kids and Child Health Tracker

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Link to Bright Futures Forms.
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